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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Oh this blog. I love it, and yet I almost never post to it. As kindly pointed out by my lovely friend, Andrea. (Who is one of three of my followers!)


It’s Chief Select Season, or CPO365 Phase II as it’s called now, and I’m the proud co-sponsor to my very own Chief Select. After a training session, we were talking about the progress that his group has made on their various projects. His answer to most of my inquiries was, “well… we’re waiting on this that or the other…” And in all my chiefly wisdom I said to him, “Don’t let the idea of doing things perfectly get in the way of getting them done!”

Man, I am wise. I’m also a hypocrite, I realized. I let the idea of perfection stop me from doing stuff all the time! Exhibit A- this blog. I want every post to be a perfect flawless amalgam of witty and entertaining information. No mistakes, perfect grammar, on point memes.

But you know what? Being perfect is impossible, even in a blog. Even if it’s perfect to my standards someone will always not agree or find humor in the things I do. I’ve got like ten blogs saved on my desktop. They are great but I wait, I procrastinate. And when I really think about why I wait, it’s because I’m afraid of what people will think, of sharing my ideas with you fine internet trolls—with the world.

Two reasons why the goal of perfection that is unhealthy and unproductive.

  1. Something that is perfect but hidden away does no one any good.
  2. Perfection, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Khaki pants which look good on me. All things that don’t exist.

Great example:

Posit (fallacious)

We shouldn’t do it because it can’t completely solve the problem.


We should do the best that we can to improve the situation.


So, in my quest to get things done I’m going to post two entries (on macarons and the balcony makeover I’ve been working) this weekend, perfection be gosh darned.

Happy Friday everyone!

Colon close parenthesis!




2 Responses to “Perfect is the Enemy of Good”

  1. Jeremiah Wheeler

    Love this post so true. Now i want to go and get a macarons, an absolute wonder french delight 🙂 Happy Friday!!!



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