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I Heart Mermaids





Does anyone else randomly pick up a fork and exclaim, “it’s a Dinglehopper!!”

The Little Mermaid was the Frozen of my generation. There were many classic Disney Princesses in movies around that time, but Arial is my favorite. Shocking, I know. A girl who wants to travel and explore new worlds and most of all get away from home, that doesn’t sound like me at all. But I guarantee, most American women aged 30-35, could probably sing “Part of Your World,” verbatim.

Not to play the typical, “I liked it before it was cool,” douche hipster statement, I did have the illustrated Hans Christen Anderson/non Disney-ed version. Our protagonist, the little mermaid, wants to marry the prince, sells her soul to do so, and ends up dying. Even as a kid, that made sense to me. Like sorry bro, that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Call it pessimistic or nihilistic, sad endings just always seem more likely and final than happy ones. I’m was, and still am, a weird kid.

Also another reason for my mermaid obsesh: my cousin was in a pretty famous 80’s movie on the subject as well.

Back to the idea of a half fish-half human swimming around in the ocean just minding their own business, unknown to us landlubbers. I mean, what’s the appeal of mermaids other than the fairy tales and sea fables we’ve heard for decades? Do people like mermaids because they are magical? The centaur is a half man, half horse but you don’t see any movies about a hunky Mr. Ed streaming on Netflix.

To prove I’m not weird (which is basically the whole point of my blog) Animal Planet did an in-depth and somewhat believable argument for the existence of mermaids.

The Body Found

It’s much harder to prove something doesn’t exist. For example- prove to me that mermaids don’t exist. You can’t, because if you had proof of something not existing, then at some point it would have had to exsist. Right? We know that Elvis is dead, because we could go and test his body and prove it with a DNA sample. That’s kind of a macabre metaphor but it make sense, right?

Anyway, whether mermaids are real or not is not my point. I honestly just thought, “damn I like a lot of mermaid stuff. I wonder why that is? I haven’t done a blog post on mythical creatures ever, so here we go.” And now you’re caught up to my train of thought.

So reasons I like mermaids.

  • A1. A sense of freedom and adventure.
  • B2. Disney told me to.
  • C3: Family member in a relatively popular major motion picture.
  • D4. No one can prove they don’t exist. (Discovery channel made a pretty good, albeit fictional argument.)


And lastly, they are pretty and you never really see a slim-hipped mermaid. I love them. Even though they’d probably make shitty roommates.

xo Julianne


2 Responses to “I Heart Mermaids”

  1. Leah O'Connell

    Stumbled upon your blog and this post just made me laugh! Plus I’m kindof a mermaid fan myself and basically wanted to be Ariel growing up soooo there’s that in common. 🙂 Thanks for a lighthearted, comical read!


    • metzgrlsailor

      Thanks Leah! I really appreciate the feedback, plus it’s good to know that I’m not just making lame Dad jokes 🙂
      I’m always surprised how many times mermaids come up in my every day conversation. Do you have any mermaid motifs in your home? I’ve got three (is that weird?)



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