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2015 Year In Review


When you end a fact with an exclamation mark, it seems like I’m telling you something exciting!

So, started off 2015 with a big fancy hotel party. I love planning to do something fun on New Year’s Eve. The last couple of years it’s been these dressy all-inclusive parties with lots of fun girls. But even since 9th grade (I’ve still got those pictures, Jennifer Huddleston, togas? Rooster slippers? Yep), I’ve enjoyed New Year’s Eve. Most people will him and hah (that’s a thing) about how NYE is overrated, amateur hour, douche-tastic parties with even lamer people. And yeah, it can be- but I prefer to believe that it’s a fresh slate and a chance to wear sequins.

Anyway, so NYE. My plan to make my own dress didn’t really pan out—I didn’t add the usual 2-4 inches around the hip area of my dress and it was a bit… scandalous. They type of scandalous that makes strange men think they can address my assets manually, and I prefer not to invite that sort of attention. Also, homemade seams + fabric under stress = possibly very embarrASSing for ole Julianne. See what I did there? I made a big butt joke.DSC_0127

My wonderful friends and I purchased VIP tickets to the Big Night DC New Year’s Eve Extravaganza 2014-15 held at the Gaylord Hotel.


  • The VIP bar was the best drink service I’ve had in DC, EVER. There were at least 12 bartenders in our ballroom (there were 2 ballrooms). I had to wait max 1-2 people to get a drink (they were pleasant and friendly, and they did not expect/accept cash tips
  • They had even more bars for punch, wine and beer in the halls
  • Seriously, so many rooms with so many things going on the only thing it was missing was a cat café.
  • Really great mix of people, and mostly single folks there
  • The VIP area had it’s own bathroom, which is GLORIOUS
  • You can go from the party to the hotel all without ever going outside in a cocktail dress in January in DC. Totally worth it.


  • The food, just ok. Probably could skip it. Besides, you don’t want to eat a huge dinner before you dance and drink all night. They really should do the buffet at 0300 when everyone is hungry. (Maybe I should plan a huge NYE party….)
  • Once the regular doors opened for general admission at 11pm, it was impossible to get from one room to the other
  • Not as many fun hats/NYE swag laying about
  • lots of drunk amateurs doing drunk people things

Moving on. 2015 is going to hold a lot of change for ‘ole Julianne.

So, I’ve been stationed in DC for the better part of the last eight years. For the most part, I don’t really count the time I worked at my old job since I was gone 90% of the time. But between the last two duty stations and my ship (USS IWO JIMA, then ported in Norfolk), I’ve been pretty close to home. AND my A-school is in Maryland, so I’ve been luckier than most being so close to my mom and dad (hi mom if you’re reading! I love you!).

After NYE, I finally talked to the detailer, and I said, I’ll go anywhere. I figure this is the best time in my life to go and move wherever the Navy wants to take me. So not sure where I’m heading yet, but hopefully it’s big and gray.


too. many. shoes.

Since an unknown PCS location looms in my future, I think it’s time to downsize all my crap. I don’t really think it’s fair to have the taxpayer pay for my collection of empty CD cases to move halfway across the world. For a while, I’ve been trying really hard minimize my stuff, I just have come to the personal realization that “things” are not the point of life, nor should cleaning/maintaining/organizing them take up a majority of time or space. I’m all for minimalist living- less stuff, less house, less money spent, more time and money to travel and read books. And hopefully write.

Anyway, so I’m working on getting rid of stuff, week by week. I scaled down my shoe collection last week. That was difficult and easy. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

I’ll finish up this long rambling post with a list of 2015 stuff I want to do.

2015 To Do List

  •  Embrace the minimalist lifestyle
  • Continue to work on living a frugal lifestyle
  • More preparedness, less worrying
  • Read a book a week
  • Write a blog post each week
  • Work on fiction stories (this is what I’m most scared of doing)
  • Do everything on my DC/MD/VA bucket list
  • Dedicate one day a month to volunteering
  • Spend more time with family (I love you mom!)


That’s it. What are you going to do this year?


Happy New Year & good vibes to all!





2 Responses to “2015 Year In Review”

  1. Ma C

    Great blog Jules. Nice knowing what’s going on in one of my other daughters life. Miss you a lot. Love you girl and Blog on!



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