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Why I Blog

YUNO_READ_MY_BLOG“You’ve got a blog?” says a friend. “What’s it about?”

Damn. What is my blog about? I usually answer that with a labored shrug and a mumbling answer that trails off when I see something shiny.

I don’t really know ‘what’ the blog is about yet. What I do know is ‘why’.

This blog is a byproduct of frustration I felt at my day job. As computer literate as I believe I am, which is not very, Word Press drives me crazy. That sort of technical ignorance is really not helpful when you’re dealing with deadlines.

Blog existence reason A-number-one, is to figure out how the heck to use blogging software.

IMG_3153Reason B-number-two the Metzgrlsailor blog exists: cooking. My current system of recording recipes wasn’t working. Usually I copy recipes down in black Sharpie marker on notebook paper and shove them into a binder. Once I delved into more complicated recipes, macarons for example, it became necessary for me to create my own recipes. I add to them, ingredients, helpful steps, and etcetera. The blog also allows me to email and share my perfected recipes efficiently.

Reason C-number-three (it’s an inside joke, this odd numbering system, just go with it) is because I want to be a published author of fiction. One day, I’ll write an amazing novel that speaks the true depths of the human experience or something. Until then I’m going to practice expressing myself and writing grammatically correct through this blog, hopefully getting more comfortable with storytelling along the way.

The theory of ‘why’ this blog exists is more important than ‘what.’ Also, any truly great novel I’ve read never explained itself outright. Lastly, Be careful what you encourage people to do, because you might just end up in a blog that no one reads- Leona Lemon!




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