Word Clouds

Maybe I’m a little behind the interweb times, but I happen to love word clouds. I like words, I like clouds, I like bright colors. While I consider myself to be a better than average writer, and somewhat articulate in person (as long as that person isn’t a handsome male/George Clooney) there’s always room for improvement.  Analytically looking at writing, especially my writing since it’s my profession, is a great ability to have. So usher in the word cloud of the MetzgrlSailor blog thus far.

MetzgrlSailor Word Cloud

Pros: I talk a lot about food and cats.

Cons: I quite dislike the amount of “like” I use in my writing. And in my day-to-day speech if we’re being, like, honest. On that tangent, I use an abundance of “lazy” words: more, make, about, just, most, etc. Those kinds of words that don’t really paint an exact picture. Just like in The Giver, I’d like to have PRECISION OF LANGUAGE. Albeit not as murder-y/angry.



Finding the balance between the conversational tone I hope for on my personal blog, while also representing myself as a legitimate writer is going to be difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. I’ll like, work on it.

xx, Jules


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Hello random internet person! I'm Julianne. I live with my boyfriend Jaymes, and our dog Cash. His full name is Johnny Cash, but apparently dogs stop paying attention after one syllable. Anyway The Real House Blog is about our house projects and making a home together. I like writing, photography, and telling people what to do; so a blog is a perfect opportunity to share my opinions with the abyss of the interwebs. It took me a long time to find my home, peace, and love. In darker times, a few awesome blogs had always been a pleasure to read, a wonderful constant that could cheer me up. So now I'm excited to possibly create some joy for you Mr. or Ms. Reader. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the blog! The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, and do not represent my employer.

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