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Word Clouds

Maybe I’m a little behind the interweb times, but I happen to love word clouds. I like words, I like clouds, I like bright colors. While I consider myself to be a better than average writer, and somewhat articulate in person (as long as that person isn’t a handsome male/George Clooney) there’s always room for improvement.  Analytically looking at writing, especially my writing since it’s my profession, is a great ability to have. So usher in the word cloud of the MetzgrlSailor blog thus far.

MetzgrlSailor Word Cloud

Pros: I talk a lot about food and cats.

Cons: I quite dislike the amount of “like” I use in my writing. And in my day-to-day speech if we’re being, like, honest. On that tangent, I use an abundance of “lazy” words: more, make, about, just, most, etc. Those kinds of words that don’t really paint an exact picture. Just like in The Giver, I’d like to have PRECISION OF LANGUAGE. Albeit not as murder-y/angry.



Finding the balance between the conversational tone I hope for on my personal blog, while also representing myself as a legitimate writer is going to be difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. I’ll like, work on it.

xx, Jules


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