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Funny Words & Pictures

I enjoy a sparse desktop on my computers. Too many icons and my brain gets irritated, “how many thing do you want me to do anyway?! I’m keeping you from setting your hair on fire, that’s enough for today!”

Anyway, so I have this folder of funny pictures from my internet adventures that I’ve saved for no apparent purpose.

For your pleasure, I’ve decided to dump all those funny pictures here.

Happy Monday! Catch ya on the flipside…. y’all. 3a0c43e71f489b43412fae4f8e2855c0


4 8 11 37912_418935012067_1743244_n a45 awkward-conversation-5 brutally-honest-8 celebrity-holidays-12 celeb-tweets-4   da-mo-433 dont-worry-be-happy-15-photos-101  enhanced-buzz-22260-1421964071-12 enhanced-buzz-31218-1388108595-5 escalated-quickly-14 escalated-quickly-18 first-world-3 gloria-is-my-spirit-animal-21-photos-18 morning-coffee-39-photos-203 morning-coffee-175 morning-coffee-226 morning-coffee-246 morning-coffee-286 morning-coffee-306 morning-coffee-364 movie-changes-10 relatable-pics-3  the-not-so-secret-life-of-a-blogger-21-photos-17 weird-question-0 well-played-10 working


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