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Starting the blog, again

So it’s been 80 days since my last blog post, which was my recipe for Shepard’s Pie. Poor, lonely blog withering on the vine. Vine. I’ve been meaning to check that out.

Anyway, it’s really been 195 days since my last personal post: about being lost in limbo.

My life has changed drastically since June 25, 2015. New job, new house, new dog, new lifestyle. It’s been a bit of a journey and definitely a challenge. And I am tired.


I went into my local gym and had a fitness assessment done. The lovely trainer said based on what I told her and my body measurements that my “body age is 46.” Considering I’m decade and a half younger, it still feels about right. I feel like I’m 50 after all that’s happened in 2015. I’m super excited to be a crazy shirt and hat wearing old lady with my BFF’s, but it’s a little early in life for me don bonnets and crazy patterned sweats 24/7.


So yeah, 2015, a lot of stuff happened. I’ve taken some time away from blogging but now I’m back. Anyway, I’m going to be catching up in the next few posts; specifically on leaving the Navy, looking for a job, buying an old house and adopting my pup.  So stay tuned. Happy New Year friends, I hope 2016 is good to you all.





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