Starting Master Bath Reno


I’ve been concentrating my recent efforts on my master bathroom. MB has got blue tile on the floor and walls, a rather large shower, odd old cabinets, and hazy “crystal” fixtures.

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So first things first, I took measurements of everything in that sucker. Then because lists are awesome, I made a list of things to do.

Master Bathroom Plan

Short Term Projects (this year):

  • remove cabinets
  • frost windows
  • replace vanity light fixture
  • replace vanity mirror
  • paint walls
  • stain grout
  • re-caulk areas around sink and toilet
  • replace light switch, electrical plug
  • paint overhead light fixture, add LED bulbs
  • move shower curtain to a standard height, new curtain
  • paint air vent to match
  • replace faucet, shower handles
  • change shower head

Long Term Projects (1-2 years)

  • add crown molding
  • replace window
  • replace toilet w/ high efficiency toilet
  • replace vanity and sink
  • remove toothbrush and soap dishes
  • replace pocket door, add lock
  • replace water supply shutoff valves

Extreme Long Term (+5 years)

  • Gut it the whole thing and make my dream bathroom, you know, when I win the lottery.


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Hello random internet person! I'm Julianne. I live with my boyfriend Jaymes, and our dog Cash. His full name is Johnny Cash, but apparently dogs stop paying attention after one syllable. Anyway The Real House Blog is about our house projects and making a home together. I like writing, photography, and telling people what to do; so a blog is a perfect opportunity to share my opinions with the abyss of the interwebs. It took me a long time to find my home, peace, and love. In darker times, a few awesome blogs had always been a pleasure to read, a wonderful constant that could cheer me up. So now I'm excited to possibly create some joy for you Mr. or Ms. Reader. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the blog! The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, and do not represent my employer.

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