gallery Starting Master Bath Reno


I’ve been concentrating my recent efforts on my master bathroom. MB has got blue tile on the floor and walls, a rather large shower, odd old cabinets, and hazy “crystal” fixtures.

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So first things first, I took measurements of everything in that sucker. Then because lists are awesome, I made a list of things to do.

Master Bathroom Plan

Short Term Projects (this year):

  • remove cabinets
  • frost windows
  • replace vanity light fixture
  • replace vanity mirror
  • paint walls
  • stain grout
  • re-caulk areas around sink and toilet
  • replace light switch, electrical plug
  • paint overhead light fixture, add LED bulbs
  • move shower curtain to a standard height, new curtain
  • paint air vent to match
  • replace faucet, shower handles
  • change shower head

Long Term Projects (1-2 years)

  • add crown molding
  • replace window
  • replace toilet w/ high efficiency toilet
  • replace vanity and sink
  • remove toothbrush and soap dishes
  • replace pocket door, add lock
  • replace water supply shutoff valves

Extreme Long Term (+5 years)

  • Gut it the whole thing and make my dream bathroom, you know, when I win the lottery.



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