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Making the Bathroom Navy

Older house full of charm + a limited budget = decorating challenges. The tile in the master bathroom definitely needs to chillax. I wanted less high-school gym bathroom and more Apartment Therapy-esque. So to temper the obnoxious baby blue I used color palette of a ship underway. Sky blue and deep navy as far as the eye can sea.  800px-thumbnailThe master bath is 6 feet by 9 feet. The large size combined with the blue tile makes it feel very cold, not homey and relaxing. Dark navy would make the walls seem closer and balance the vivid tile. Battleship grey for grout and fixtures to make it feel cleaner. Bright cloud white for the trim, and maybe some orange accessories when I finally get my shit completely together.And no, those orange cabinets did not stay, I’m talking  pretty orange flowers or vase.943992_10153335101797927_5608474924088904585_nI’ve had a few mistakes in picking paint color. There was the green lemonade color of 2000, Avocado green explosion of 2004, and the Purple cave wall of 2006- just to name a few. A color will look great on a 1 inch chip, but in a whole room the color is weird, overbearing or too intense. Much like online dating, it never is how you imagine it’ll be.

I get decision fatigue picking a coffee creamer flavor so Behr’s paint color selector is great for me. It breaks down the colors in a manageable fashion, so you’re really only looking ~20 choices at a time. The section that featured the sky blue of the existing tile also featured navy hues. Boom, instant matching. Rather than picking from all the colors ever, I just picked those five to test.  I moseyed on to Home Depot to collect the six or so paint chips in the running, taped those suckers to my bathroom walls and waited.

Paint Color

Any PH worth their salt knows that colors are affected by different lighting situations, so it’s best to give picking a paint some time so you can see how the sun, lights or Febreeze candle affects your paint. 


I wish I took photos of the chip-waiting process, but whatever, I’m just starting this whole home improvement blogging thing. I settled on Behr’s Midnight Blue. Again the chip is deceiving, here it looks gray. But on the walls it looked gray-te. 
Midnight Blue

I chose BEHR Premium Plus because it was shinier and it’s mildew resistant. The existing paint watch patchy and uneven, so I opted for a primer and paint combo. Plus it’s what the paint guy recommended.


recommended by 1 out of 1 home depot paint mixing employees

The grout in the bathroom was “white,” meaning at some point it was probably white. But when I got it it was… not white. So having read YoungHouseLove’s success with this grout stain product, I also selected GroutRenew in Platinum.  The grout staining project is a whole other post. I selected the grout color with the paint to ensure cohesion among all the color choices.


Room Progress (paint only).

So, I like the color I chose and it also accomplished what I set out to do. The rich color makes the room less institutional and tempers the blue tile. The next challenge will be picking a bedroom paint color that goes with this room. But that’s another problem for another day. This painting project took two trips to Home Depot and cost around $60.34 and five days.



So what do you think, does it look like an upside down ocean view? Have you tried to work with ugly tile in your house?

My To-Do List

  1. Choose a color palette for the room
  2. Light test color options, select a paint color for the walls
  3. Purchase paint and supplies
  4. Clear out the room
  5. Remove items attached to walls or cover with tarps and tape
  6. Spackle holes and cracks, sand if necessary
  7. Wash walls with a TSP solution and water to remove dust and grease, let dry for 24 hours
  8. Tape off edges of walls and windows
  9. First coat, cut in with angled brush as you roll to remove brush marks. Let dry for 24 hours. Wrap painted brushes in saran-wrap and store in freezer for next coat.
  10. Second coat, remove tape directly after

Shopping List

  • Trisodium Phosphate Cleaner $3.92
  • 1-Gal. Ultra Pure White Satin Enamel Interior Paint $32.38
  •  Painter’s Tape  $9.42

  • Shortcut 2 in. Polyester Angle Sash Brush $5.47

  • Paint Roller Kit $12.97
  • Other supplies: a ladder, small cup, rag to wipe up drips, good music, old painting clothes


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