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Painting the Front Door

I painted my front door because I’m taking a yoga class. And because I can’t afford a brand new door just yet.


Johnny Cash, officially loves watching paint dry.



My front door is a 32” x 80”. Most front doors in newer houses are 36”, so most cute front doors aren’t made in my size. I guess people were skinnier in 1945. The doors I like are all over $500. That plus installation means a new door is on the back burner while I save up some moola.

doors i can not afford

Anyway, I’ve been taking a beginner yoga class at Pure Prana.  I wanted to take the class more to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, plus learn more about the breath and spirituality of the practice.

The last class I took, the teacher discussed Chakras. I did a little bit of internet research on it, and while I don’t know that I buy wearing a certain color to balance a chakra in my liver… I do think that everyone and everything sends out energy. The more I thought about my house the more I realized that my front door was severely lacking in positive vibes.

My porch steps are peeling. My front door is unfinished orange, dirty wood. I’ve got no trespassing, no soliciting signs posted. I haven’t gotten around to weeding the flower beds in, well, never. My welcome mat said, “leave.” I don’t want creepers, salesmen, or missionaries coming around, but for the most part all the “curb repeal” just bummed me out.

So I thought I’d work on gussying it up a bit. The cheapest and easiest thing I could do today was paint the front door, so that’s what I did.



I’ve been loosely following Sherwin Williams’ palette Global Spice for the fun colors in the house, so I picked my color from there.

Global Spice  - HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams

Global Spice Collection

It took me a while to decide on a color. Making all these house decisions is very stressful. Stress leads to indecision and inaction. What if it looks junky and terrible?! What if I make a mistake? And today, I was just like, welp. If it looks crazy, I’ll just repaint. My shutters are already purple, so I decided upon Sherwin Williams Cloudburst.


There’s lots of teals out there, but I think this one matched the mute-y nish of the purple shutters in a lovely way.

Actual instructions of painting and whanot: When I first moved in I filled the cracks and indents with wood filler. I removed most of the non-essential hardware (the letter slot, the door knocker) and taped off the locks, the knobs and hinges. Gave the door a quick wipe down with a wet cloth to remove dust. With a short little brush I filled in the panels and used a door and cabinet roller to fill it in. I’m going to let it dry for a day before I do a second coat.

At my local Lowes I got a pint (which I pronounce pin-t, not pie-nt, smarmy paint guy, deal with it) of SW Ovation in my selected color, and a snazzy new doormat with a much nicer sentiment. With paint, the mat, and some supplies the whole project tallied up to $49 bucks. Definitely the cheapest project so far.



I’ve been thinking about painting the front door teal since I moved in. And when the whole chakra learning thing came up I realized that the color for the throat chakra, and the color I wanted for the door is the same.


And that color just happens to align with the chakra for expression and communication- two things that I struggle most often with. So yay, teal door, more blogging, and telling people what’s what.




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