The Office

I finally finished converting the second (and original) bedroom into an office. It’s been a year and some change since I moved in. In that time, this room has been storage, a cat room, completely empty, and a quasi-dining room. Now it’s an office with a cat corner.


I’ve always wanted a home office. For years of apartment living I had to do with a desk in my bedroom. There is something so luxurious about a wide expanse of desk. This obsession with a workspace stems from my love of office supplies and my long college career. And possibly from all those years in the Navy where I longed for a desk of my own and computer I didn’t have to share. And, I really like working. quote_hard-work-makes-you-lucky

The second bedroom in my house is tiny, dark, and has one window that faces the garage. So from the start, it’s not a great place for more than one person. I had people over more than once, and to me it just felt sort of claustrophobic. dining room.jpgPlus the aforementioned yearning for an office, it was the option that made the most sense.



I started off when replacing the light fixture, an old ceiling fan with a more modern light fixture. After that I cleaned and polished the wood floors. office-floor-clean

I also painted the walls with flat paint and an accent wall, both of which helped mask the uneven, flawed plaster walls.

After much deliberation, I went ahead and hung an “I love me wall,” with my degrees, awards, and various military memorabilia. I bought a desk from the goodwill, a desk big enough to hold two computers, my various planners and lists, an hour glass and often a grumpy cat. It took many trips to the Goodwill donating old books and other memorabilia to get the items in the room slimmed down enough so the room didn’t feel overcrowded.


There were some challenges in the office. First, there’s only ONE outlet on ONE wall. So I had to run a really long extension cord to the desk area. It’s still kind of annoying, but I deal with it. The floor is slightly crooked, so my rolling chair tended to roll ever so slightly away from the desk. I solved that by plopping down an area rug. To deal with the darkness of the room I added super bright lights and two table lamps to the desk, AND I added a large mirror to the dark accent wall. Boom, light bouncing around everywhere.

It took a few months for it all to come together, as most of these DIY projects do. But it’s done for now, and hopefully I’ll get a lot more blog posts written and published as a result. At the very least I can watch marathons of The Office on Netflix.



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