Pick a Color!

Living Room

More or less (I move my furniture around A LOT!), this is what my living room looks like at the moment. The paint in the living room and the kitchen was in pretty good shape and neutral so I waited a year or so until I decided it was time to paint. Since my new rug is SO LOUD, I figured an almost blue/gray white would balance nicely. Here’s a few pictures of my inspiration for the room.

I’ve been burned by the wrong paint color quite a few times. That’s why my shutters are purple. I like them now, but I definitely thought the color would be more brown gray than PURPLE purple. Happy accident, in this case. 2017-04-11.jpg

Paint on a 1×1 inch swatch looks extremely different when up on a wall times 1000. My bedroom at my parent’s house is a yellow green that I thought would be a pale yellow. This room I rented once I painted what I thought was a muted green turned out to be the color of guacamole. Ewww. But no more! I know now that whatever color you want, you should probably go as muted as possible and as least saturated as possible (if you’re going for a relaxing tone that doesn’t jump out at you).

So, in an effort not to be impulsive yet again with paint, I did the often recommended sample test. Jaymes and I went to the store and he was very patient while I picked about 20 shade of almost blue that were nearly identical. Then, it was back home to paint them on the walls, and wait.


The photo above is on my living room wall which is currently a pinky beige that I hate with the fire of 1000 suns.


This is painted on the wall of my kitchen, which is painted straight up primer white. The kitchen is also much sunnier than the living room.


Much like 2015’s The Dress arguement/viral picture, the type of light and background play tricks on your eyes. Thus, lighting should be taken into account when picking a paint color. IMG_6972

After a few weeks, Jaymes and I narrowed down our picks to #1 (Behr River Veil) and #3 (Behr Blue Bird Day). Jaymes favors the brighter Blue Bird, I like the grayer River.

Surprise surprise, they look extremely similar on the paint chip. But as you can see below Blue Bird (top right) is quite a bit more bright than River Veil. IMG_6967

In addition to painting, I’m going to switch out the fuschia curtains for ivory. The area rug is SO vibrant (and I love vibrant colors), I just feel like the room needs a bit of balance.

new curtains

You’ll have to forgive me- Photoshop has decided it doesn’t get along with my computer. So, I have to create all my graphics with paint. However how rudimentary, this does give you an idea of what it’ll look like. New blue paint, ivory curtains.

living room after

I’ve got a much larger coffee table not pictured which tones down the carpet- and at some point I might get a set of new lamps, but the paint and the new curtains should freshen things up quite a bit.

hello gorgeous… I’ll come for you, later

So readers, what do you think I should pick? River Veil or Blue bird day?

Blue Bird Day

River Veil



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