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Making Our Beds

Last year I tried to plant a few annuals but never followed through with watering them, or feeding them… or any of the stuff that actually keeps plants alive. Please see the wild weedy growth that screams of neglect. 

This year, with the help of my boothing Jaymes, we spent a whole weekend prepping the front garden beds for optimal plant growing. 

In a previous post about my garden dreams, I explained the cottage garden of my dreams (roses, hydrangeas, coneflowers, and lavender). However before all that I got Jaymes to wield the chainsaw and cut down the box woods. 

Then I took some spray paint and outlined the extended bed.

Fun fact: digging up mature well grown grass is a pain in the ass. Or lower back in my case.

In addition to cutting the box woods down all to the same height, we also replanted the scrubby roses near the stairs to containers on the back patio. They just looked messy and weren’t thriving, maybe they’ll do better out back. I like the look of the clean stairs. We’re going to just fill those areas in with river rocks. 

After we dug up the soil all around we spread out the compost I made. And by “made” I mean I forgot about it totally until someone was like hey what’s in that Grey thing? 

It’s all veggie and fruit scraps, eggshells (roses love eggshells) and coffee grounds (keeps slugs away). After the compost was mixed in, we spread about 2″ of garden soil over it.

I swear I helped too, I just take more photos of Jaymes than he takes of me.

After spreading the soil, finally we spread about a 2″ layer of brown mulch. I didn’t take a picture of that step. See I told you I helped. Finally, we added a cement stone border.

Now I had planned on using cedar wood because it was cheap (10 feet for 10 bucks), but Jaymes talked me into the bricks. Which at $1.78 a foot are much better looking, and will last way longer. And I’ve got a partner to do the heavy lifting, so I was all for the stone border.

So the beds are all mulched, fertilized, aerated and composted. I can’t wait to plant! 

And because I like instant gratification we went ahead and planted our first seeds- two varieties of sunflowers.

One last thing, our empty patch from where the old porch was removed is slowly filling in with grass. 


5 Responses to “Making Our Beds”

  1. Lauren

    That looks amazing! I will need to come by and see it in person of course. Back breaking and beautiful!


    • Julianne

      Sarah (and Choppy!) it IS so much work. But it’s actually a little more manageable now that I try to set really small goals for each day. This project was spread over about 4 or 5 days. Shopping in itself was one whole day alone! I’d love to see and hear about your yard projects too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sarah Ferguson and Choppy

        That’s how I should do it! I am very good about the gradual project when it comes to work and writing, but for some reason I don’t seem to think I should apply that to the yard. I bet it would work great!

        Liked by 1 person

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