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Look at the Flowers

Shopping and planting the front beds are all done! After work yesterday Jaymes ferried me over to my favorite local nursery Hollywoods and Vines.

Even if you don’t but anything they’ve just got a spectacle of mature trees and wide expanses of perfect flowers. Plus lots of whimsical topiaries. It’s just lovely to walk about.

I mean look at this selection! 

So, I already had a rough idea of what I wanted and my planting zones. My house is southern facing so I have part sun on the east side and full sun on the front. What what! Plus I already decided on a purple, pink, yellow, blue color scheme. 

Here’s Jaymes picking out some primo pansies. 

I love doing gardening and yard projects with Jaymes- it’s just such a nice way to spend time, and something I can see us doing until we’re old and wrinkly. 

Here I am forgetting the water can I picked out because the Hydrangea are. So. Damn. Perfect. I didn’t realize until now my flowery lavender shirt and blue plants are very hydrangea-Esque. I’ll come back for you cute lime green watering  can!!!  

Growing up in Dumfries I vaguely remember these coneflowers being very hardy and attracting butterflies. Since most annuals aren’t blooming yet it took a lot of hunting to find these babies.

I also got 5 baby lavender plants. Lavender is drought resistant (good for sunny locations) and also pairs well with roses. The lavender keeps deer and other rose eating pests away, plus it’s an annual and you can use it for home scented satchets. 

After that we picked out a few annuals just for extra fun color. We loaded up our wagon and headed home.

I think all the plants (4 hydrangea, 5 lavender, 3 coneflower, and 6 trays pansies/geraniums/Violets) clocked in at $150. It’s important you keep your reciept from plant purchases because nurseries will often reimburse you if the plant dies. 

Anyway, back to the house! Using how I’ve seen landscapers do things on HGTV, we placed all the plants in their desired locations in their pots. It’s a great way to see how they look together and figure out their spacing.

After that, it’s just a matter of digging. Most research I read said to dig the hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide.

Unfortunately where you see Jaymes digging turned out to have a pipe running under it. So we ended up shifting the rose plant location to the left. Here’s my little bare root Zepherine climbing rose! It soaked overnight in bucket and was all ready to go. 

Don’t mind me I’m just knocking over all the lavender like a gardening Godzilla. 

Here’s the lavender and rose all planted!

So much room for activities/moar roses!!!!
The coneflowers planted near the sunflowers that have yet to sprout are not terrible exciting, but here they are. Let’s hope for an awesome before and after! 

Then we got the hydrangeas in the ground. Le sigh, so gorgeous. 

Lastly we got the annuals placed and in the ground! 

Jaymes is the watering king so he gave everything a good spray down, including our dirt patch. How funny it is we worked so hard to clear one patch of grass so closely to where we are trying to grow grass. Also, the $29.98 hose reel I bought, while not as cute as my old planter, is far more useful for rolling up the hoses. Some times utility is more important than design. 

So as a review here’s what we’ve growing: 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anyone planting flowers or waiting for things to bloom? 


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