Lamp Shopping

I have always liked the look of a set of big ceramic lamps. When I was in the Navy, I’d move every year or two, so I didn’t really invest money in a big breakable lamps. I plan on being in this house for a few years at least so I figured it was time to lamp it up.

Browsing Wayfair I came up with the following options. All are at least 20 inches tall so they are tall enough to comfortably reach the switch when lying in bed. And they are blue, because I love blue. Deal with it.


Online shopping is always questionable, especially with home decor because the scale or size isn’t always what you imagine. So because I’m a smart cookie with a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, I photoshopped in the front runners.


Option 1: Too baby blue and way too wide for the nightstand.

2017-02-16 (1)

Option 2: A maybe. I like the size and shape, but I’m not a fan of the triangular lamp shade.

2017-02-16 (2)

Option 3: I love it! It’s not actually a lamp I found on my own, but one that Wayfair suggested. Plus I like the color, and it’s got a teeny bit of black that shows through ona  bit of distressing around the body. Imma get this one.

Wayfair is actually really amazing when it comes to shopping. It said it’d take a few days to get to my house, but it showed up the next day. After a tremendous amount of unwrapping, I got to put them in place.


They turned out to been greener and wider than I had photoshopped them in, but I really love the natural burlap-y shades. My furniture is white, my sheets and curtains are while, so the natural colored shades warm the room up. It’s also really pretty when the lamp is on.



Anyway, there’s my lamps 🙂 Just one more step to being done, and making the house feel more homey and lived in.



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