How’s it growing?

So I’m a little late celebrating Earth Day (April 22). But in honor of our lovely planet and my very local environment, here’s some updates on how my plants are growing.

On March 30th, I seeded the bald patch of ground where the old porch used to be.

We had done one round of seeding before the one pictured, but the soil had been too compacted for the seed to take properly.

The grass is growing in pretty well (the is from a few days ago). From afar it looks almost filled in. I’m going to do one more round of seeding, and then it’ll be perfectly filled in.

My climbing rose bush is showing some signs of life! If you remember, when I received it it was a bare root; so it basically looked like a sick twig.

I planted it with some food and waited. 10 days later (and plenty of watering and rain), little tiny buds are starting to grow! 

It’s hard to see them because my iPhone isn’t the greatest macro lens. However I am glad that the plant looks like it’s on its way to being alive and healthy! 

Lastly I transplanted a red knockout rose bush from by the front steps to a container in the back yard. After some major pruning and feeding, the plant started blooming immediately. Well one bloom. It still counts! 

I also transferred some “annuals” that actually came back. This whole climate change thing saved me $3.50 on a tray of Verbena. Thanks massive amounts of pollution! I added some extra Petunias, to keep the old plants company. 

So that’s it for now! It’s been raining nonstop the last few days, so it’s prevented us from working out in the yard. 


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  1. Even up here in Wisconsin, we always get some annuals that come back the next year – it’s always a fun surprise when it happens! Back when I lived in Indiana, I had LOTS of annuals come back year-to-year. It still made me happy every time it happened!

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