My Stoop Rocks

Funny word, stoop. I actually Googled it, then wikipedia’ed it, and then Google Imaged it because description of architectural details is very confusing. Phew, no wonder I never get much done! 

Anyway, like the rest of my house my stoop needs some love. It’s cracked and rough and showing about three different colors. 

Anyway, I looked up lots of ways to refinish it and repaint it- as well as gotten bids from contractors to do it for me. I’m still on the fence about what to do about it. 

In an effort to cheer it up I planted some rose bushes near the steps last year. But they just looked scraggley (is that a word? I’ll look it up later). So we dug them up and reported them for the backyard.

Rather then try plants again there I decided to just put some rocks down. Mulch seemed sort of boring and I’ve always had an affinity for stones and geology. It’s all thanks to a middle school trip to a mine, where I found a rough amethyst. So pretty.

Anyway, I’ve gathered quite a few potato looking stones from my yard. These were too big for the gravel driveway, and I knew I’d have a home for them eventually. I also repurposed the empty mulch bags as a sort of landscaping fabric- hopefully it’ll keep weeds from sprouting up.

As you can see you didn’t have nearly enough to cover the space.
After a quick trip to Lowes (apparently we’re a Lowes family since Jaymes hates the big orange store), I got some new rocks.

It’s sort of annoying because they were quite dirty in the bags. It’s was hard to tell what they really looked like. I ended up just get three different kinds to mix together.

90 lbs of different rocks cashed in at about $13.  The pond stone was pretty, a blue and black mixture of smooth stones.

The sunrise river rock was a mixture of oranges and beige. I forgot to take a photo of the river rock, but it was white and pink and the smallest of the three.
I got the stones into the wheelbarrow and gave them a little shower. 

Obviously I spent a good ten minutes rifling through the batch to find my favorites. 

Then it was just some awkward hand-scooping to fill in the empty areas. I walked on it to level it out and compact the stone to cover all the dirt/empty mulch bag. 

Another little showe for the rocks.. ooph look at that paint on the porch. Next time.

This is the other side, preshower.

And after… 

All together this project cost $13 and an hour. 

I love the variety of stone, the varied colors and textures are so interesting. Plus I usually pick up a rock or two from places o visit, and now I have somewhere useful to deposit my souvenir.
The petunias seem to enjoy their new friends! 


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  1. I repainted my front porch and stoop at my old house – it looked great, and was pretty cheap. I figured it was a good way to get through to the time when I figured out how I wanted to spend more money on it, but I liked it and never got around to doing anything else!


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