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Halloween Decor on a Budget

I can’t remember the last time I properly decorated my home for Halloween. There’s not much point in a decorating an apartment stoop, and last year I was still paying off a sewer line. Talk about scary stuff, sewer line problems. So since I’m a *real* person, and I don’t have unlimited time or money to spend decorating, here’s my decor plan for this year.

So there’s two categories of decor, long term and short term. I’m trying to spend the most money on decor I can use year after year, rather than stuff that’s not going to last. My budget this year is $100.


My Halloween style is more classic and festive than psycho killer gone mad. I’m already a jumpy/anxious person who thinks murderers are around every corner.

I like my Halloween decor PG-13 at best, with classic shapes like cartoon-y ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons. Like this next picture. Although, that faceless scarecrow is suspect… (See? I’m a wuss).

fancy halloween.jpg

Forever Halloween

Halloween Motion Projector with LED Bulbs – Ghosts $19.99

I’ve always enjoyed a good light show, and now that Halloween lights are a thing I’ve super happy. This little light is about a foot tall, and has a 16 foot plug. I like the effort/effect ratio of this gadget. It decorates about half my house and it only required about two minutes of effort.

Sugar Skull Family – ~$15 for three

sugar skull dollsSorry kitty, Target didn’t have a sugar skull cat. These are the perfect balance of creepy (ugh the empty eye sockets stare at me wherever I go) and beautiful. I think the dog is extra cute, and I’ll buy anything that remotely looks like Johnny Cash.

Lit Black Garland $11.99


Again, I love anything that lights up, so this garland was a must for me. You can see in the photo above that the lights glow orange. It’s got a nifty timer as well, so you can leave it on at night. It doesn’t need to plug in, it runs on AA batteries. I’ve kept it on every night for 13 days and it still hasn’t drained the batteries yet!

Trick or Treat Sign $9.99

trick or treat sign.jpg

I found this at the local Spirit Halloween store. Let me tell you, if gruesome, scary decor is your thing- that is the place for you! I had to search high and low for something lovely. This sign is a good price, it’s about the size of a large pizza. Classic and neutral-ish, so it’s something I’ll hang onto for a while.

Disposable Halloween Things

Stretchy Spider Webs $3.00

spider web

This stuff is really good at looking like spider webs that cover your bushes. You know what it’s not great at? Glowing in the dark. It sucks at that. But at 3 bucks a pop, like the ghost lights, it makes a great impact over a large surface area, so I think it’s worth the investment.|adaptpdph2|recently_viewed_r2|adaptpdph2|52281605|0

Pumpkins! (~$20)


Pumpkins, the ultimate Halloween decoration. I bought ours from Pumpkinville on Franconia Road in Alexandria. That location has HUGE pumpkins with large carving areas, for about .69 cents a pound. Each of our pumpkins were 15-20 pounds, hence the large expense. I look at it as buying a decoration and an activity, since I love carving jack-o-laterns.


Bring it on down to Pumpkinvilllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeee

Lets see if we stuck to my budget:
Ghost light $20
Sugar skills fam $15
Light garland $12
Trick or Treat sign $10
Spiderweb $9
Pumpkins $20
Grand Total: $86 

Also, Target is offering a $5 gift card if you purchase $30 of Halloween decor online! Score!

Happy Haunting! 


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