Hard in the paint

One day, I was like Jaymes, guess what, let’s paint 75% of the house.  Jaymes, who hates to paint, but loves me deeply, was like “sure.”


According to Urban Dictionary, to go “hard in the paint” means “To approach a problem, obstacle, or challenge with supreme confidence of success through a commitment to use all facilities available to one’s self to achieve a goal.” And that’s how I try to approach painting.  Be meticulous, take your time, and drop everything else in life to complete your objective.  Not dramatic at all.


When I moved into my house the paint on the walls was in good condition.  I am not one of those unreasonable people on HGTV House Hunters who thinks they shouldn’t buy a house due to paint colors.




There were much other pressing issues to attend to, so I accepted the pinkish beige for the time being.




After accidentally painting my shutters and garage doors varying shades of purple, I decided to proceed with extreme caution. I like my garage and shutters, but this paint definitely looked brown/grey on the swatch in the store.




I spent weeks looking online to find these four shades. I purchased the little pots, and painted large squares on my living room and kitchen walls. Light is different everywhere in your house, so it’s important to factor in lighting too. I was going to do everything right this time around. That was February 17, 2017.



See how different the same shades read on a different wall in different light?!


In July (yes, five months later), and I’m still squinting at the squares. You know, I have always found, that if it is hard to decide, you probably do not the right options. It took me five months to figure out that blue just wasn’t it.


Our home is about 1000 square feet, so I really wanted to have every room be similar shades.  Since the bedroom and the office were already grey, I went with grey instead.  I choose Behr Spun Wool for the walls, and Behr Polar Bear for the trim. Yes, the pun in the color name contributed to its selection.




Pinky beige and grey-beige might not seem like a radical change.  However, paint colors are tricky, and even the slightest change in hue or brightness can make a world of difference.  Paint colors also read much more intense on a 10’x10’ wall than on a 1”x1” swatch.  So just to be sure, I painted the whole wall to confirm that this was it.  Better one wall than the whole house.




Painting doesn’t take that long.  It is the preparation to paint which crushes your morale. This was especially true in my laundry room, which had god awful brown wood things… everywhere.  I don’t have a hatred of wood, but my floors are brown, my cabinets are brown, and my house is tiny.  There was more than enough brown.



I painted over the rainbow striped tile. And the outside of the sink.


After waiting months to paint, I was impatient to get everything done. It took a few days to clean, prime, and caulk everything.  There were a lot of weird gaps in places too that need spray foam insulation, another few days for that to cure.


The I love you but “This shit is taking forever!” face.


In addition to painting the walls, I also wanted to do all the trim and all the ceilings.  Multiple coats and touch ups meant more days. In the end, it only meant our house was a disaster for two weeks. But we got through it, and when it was done, it was really done. I still need to take photos of it all put together, but you can see here how fresh and clean it looks.






Despite some paint drops that still are on the floor today, it turned out well.  I like the calm color, and the cohesion the house has.  Anyway, at the end of the process, I LOVED it.  And Jaymes was determined never to paint again.


“This grey paint looks great! Also, I’m colorblind.”

The End.

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Hello random internet person! I'm Julianne. I live with my boyfriend Jaymes, and our dog Cash. His full name is Johnny Cash, but apparently dogs stop paying attention after one syllable. Anyway The Real House Blog is about our house projects and making a home together. I like writing, photography, and telling people what to do; so a blog is a perfect opportunity to share my opinions with the abyss of the interwebs. It took me a long time to find my home, peace, and love. In darker times, a few awesome blogs had always been a pleasure to read, a wonderful constant that could cheer me up. So now I'm excited to possibly create some joy for you Mr. or Ms. Reader. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the blog! The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, and do not represent my employer.

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