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About Us


I’m Julianne.

    This blog is about my home, cooking, and other life things. I’m the one who writes and publishes the blog, but quite often you’ll see my boyfriend and pets (I mean they are the best boyfriend and pets in the world, so I couldn’t deny you that!). 

This is my face. There’s many like it, but this one is mine.



I had lots of adventures before buying this home. I served 14 years in the U.S. Navy. I worked aboard a warship, at the White House, and the Pentagon. I loved the Navy, but eventually I realized it wasn’t to be my lifelong career. Now I’m a civilian, and I’m finishing my Master’s Degree while working for the federal government.

sailor girl

I bought my two bedroom, two bathroom, 1000 square foot home as a spinster, destined to live alone forever (or so it seemed at the time). Nothing like tempting the universe with a 30-year mortgage and a confident, “I’m going to be single forever,” to make it send along the love of your life, finally.

This is my boyfriend Jaymes.

He’s in the Army, and also the best handy man and all around awesome guy to have around. (*He’s also a great woodworker, so be sure to check out his Etsy shop here.)


We live in Alexandria, Virginia- about 15 minutes south of Washington D.C. We’ve been dating for about a year, and I’d say things are getting pretty serious.

Jaymes and Julianne in Dc

This is our dog, Johnny Cash.

He’s a mutt, and a rescue. We don’t know how old he is exactly, so we’ve decided he’s a puppy forever. Cash likes Jaymes the best, as we all do.

Cash 1

Is this my good side? -Cash, probably

This is Kitty.

Kitty is the epitome of a cat: independent, grumpy, and temperamental. However, she’s great at catching spider crickets, and she’s beautiful, so we keep her around.


I did not consent to be in this blog – Kitty, probably

And lastly, this is our home.

It’s a 1945 Cape Cod with lots of weird additions. It’s a fixer upper in need of lots of love. However it’s got a half acre, almost unheard of in our town. It needs some updates, but it’s a great place for friends and family to get together.

Home sweet home

Jaymes, Cash, Kitty, and I will all be here on the blog from time to time to update you about our lives, our home, and our food. With the caveat of lots of other random subjects as it strikes our fancy.

Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit about our home and family. I hope you enjoy the blog, and please let me know what you think!


Julianne & Friends


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