1 Minute Money Saver: Powder Laundry Detergent

Switch the provided laundry scoop out with a measuring cup. And, switch to powder laundry detergent if you think your teen is dumb enough to try to eat a laundry pod for attention on the internet.

I love laundry. Living on the ship deepened my love of fresh laundry. Laundry in the Navy has two options, Ship Laundry and Self-Serve.

Ship laundry consists of shoving as many different people’s uniforms as possible into an industrial size washer, half drying it, and then stuffing the damp contents to sit around for a day or so. Your things usually came back wrinkled, and covered in wayward Chapstick or pen ink.

Self-serve laundry was basically a laundromat in the bowels of the ship. It took forever, four hours at most to get to a washer (and this was before smart phones). Uniforms weren’t allowed because we had Ship Laundry, so you had to sneak your uniforms in with your PT gear and civilian clothing. It was all very time consuming, all for the comfort of fresh socks.

But I digress. I love laundry, and I love fresh laundry. I spend a lot of money on detergent, bleach, fabric softener, not mention the water, gas, electricity that goes along with doing loads of loads every week.

I was using Kirkland Pods, but one pod was not effective and two pods seemed like too much. Plus, apparently teenagers and kids love to eat laundry soap pods, so who needs that trouble. #FirstWorldProblems.

So I switched over to dry detergent because I could control the amount per load a little more.

One month into a my ginormous bucket of dry laundry detergent from Costco, I started to run low.

All month long I had fallen into the oldest trick in the book- thinking the scoop they provide is the per load requirement for detergent! I has been using twice the amount necessary all month! In the picture below, the green line is the recommended amount. There’s also an extremely hard to read line and number. It’s almost like they want you to use twice as much as you need.

So, I threw away that disingenuous scoop provided and found an old measuring cup that was similar to the “recommended” amount.

For my detergent it ended up being about ¼ of a cup, rather than the 1/2 I had been using. I had an extra measuring cup around (you can never have too many sets).

My happy little yellow scoop is the perfect portion and  now I can go back to mindlessly scooping and get on with my life, detergent worries behind me.

Laundry: it’s loads of fun.